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Hi, and welcome! My name is Michelle and I founded True Balance Counseling to help folks like you discover the road to healing. I work with adults and my specialties are anxiety, depression, childhood trauma, domestic violence, parenting problems, trauma therapy (trained in Accelerated Resolution Therapy), self-care, and faith-based counseling. I have taught Anger Management and Parenting classes for several years. My strongest skill is in helping others develop healthy and safe coping skills to manage their anxiety and trauma symptoms in real time.

As a people-helper who is a Christian, I am both clinical and faith-based, integrating the two using evidence-based practices.

I love to empower and motivate people to move towards their vision for their lives and am passionate about seeing people achieve their goals. I use a variety of client-focused to help you feel comfortable and to move you toward meeting your goals. We will work together to help you build solutions or I will listen when you need to feel someone hears and understands you. My clients often walk away from sessions feeling that they have the skills to overcome their anxiety, depression, and traumatic stress symptoms and they can overcome their substance use/abuse issues. I felt God’s call on my life toward Christian ministry, and while working in a secular environment is still a part of God’s will, private therapy allows us to go deeper into the healing power of the Word of God.

For a FREE consultation or to schedule an appointment, please text or call (813) 578-0775.

About Me

Michelle White is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the States of Florida and Maine. She is also a Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist – Individual.