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Michelle White

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You are trying to do it all, and no matter how hard you push yourself, you can’t seem to hold your own.  You are dedicated to your family and your work, but you still feel alone.  You are irritated by even the small things, and you don’t know why this bothers you.  You sometimes wonder if your past trauma has anything to do with it.  You have held back the tears, but you can’t hold back much longer.  You never saw yourself having to do everything by yourself, but here you are, carrying all the burdens on your own.  

You have a hard time saying no, even to people who have hurt you. You keep hoping that others will return your care and affection and will love you as you love them.  But even if they do return your love, you still wonder if you are worthy of love.  And so you push people away, even when you need them most.  And you aren’t even sure why you do that.  Maybe it’s because you are afraid they will let you down again.  

Sometimes, you wonder if God loves you.  You don’t feel His presence like you used to and you wonder if it’s because you messed up so badly.  You believe that if you can get your life back in order, maybe you can feel closer to Him again.  

Your mind is racing with so many thoughts.  You wonder if you fit in with others in your family and your work.  You feel like you have to work harder than anyone else just to get them to notice you.  And you haven’t spent any quality time with your friends in a long time.  You are beginning to notice that anxiety and fear control you, or at least hold you back.  You want to find someone you can trust, someone who understands who you are so you can be yourself again.   

You are ready for a real change

I help women who struggle to find their purpose in life and navigate difficult relationships while balancing their own emotions.  I help them challenge their unhealthy view of themselves to see the strength that is already there, waiting to be revealed.  I help them see themselves in a healthy way so they can begin to feel confident in who they are.  I use a variety of therapeutic strategies, including CBT, motivational therapy, body-based therapies, trauma therapy, and strength-based and solution-focused therapies to help people overcome anxiety and be able to live the life they desire.  

Together, we can work to help you experience life changes.   You will be able to manage your anxiety. You will make better decisions and start to feel better about yourself. With therapy, you can gain control over your emotions and learn to manage your anxiety.  

My name is Michelle and I am a counselor in Zephyrhills and virtually throughout Florida. I Can Help.

I am a counselor in Zephyrhills, FL who has been helping people uncover what is stopping them from feeling the way they want to feel for over two decades. I won’t just sit and nod my head- I will collaborate with you to figure out what really makes sense for you. There are no cookie-cutter solutions here- because life is never that simple. BUT… I have so many tools and strategies at my disposal AND the intuition to help direct you to the right thing at the right time so you can get where you want to go.

Contact me for a free consultation for counseling in Zephyrhills, FL.

If you are ready to learn how to live a life without anxiety and fear controlling you, contact me at (813) 578-0775 for a free 15-minute consultation to discover how therapy can help you live the life you desire with freedom from anxiety. 

My office is located in Zephyrhills, FL. Can’t make it into the office? No worries – we’ve got you covered with online therapy throughout Florida (and Maine).